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Aloni company was set up in 1985 when our first shop opened.
The company soon managed to be regarded as an important one in its field of constructing furniture and designing.

It is housed in a space of 1200sqm where there is an exhibition room and a very modern construction unit staffed with a group of experts who guarantee quality and service of the highest standard as well as after sales service. Focusing on elegance, functionality and design, our company sets high standards as far as construction and finishings are concerned. It also ensures high-aesthetic design by making extensive research and thorough study of the space provided.
Our main visions are searching for quality and always updating our lines in keeping up with all that is good in contemporary lifestyle trends.
Our collection is set out as a wide diversified choice and includes systems and furnishing accessories for all the rooms of a house: bookcases, wardrobes, complements, beds, kitchens, sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and accessories.


Aloni Mesogeion Avenue 305, 15231

Τηλ. 210647693
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